jamie-foxx-hosts-charity-event-trayvon-martin-fundraiserJamie Foxx has been a strong supporter of the case involving the late Trayvon Martin. He has given his vocal and financial support to bring awareness to the tragic death of the teenage.  Over the weekend, Jamie Foxx  hosted an event in the Trayvon’s honor with Harry Belafonte.   Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, and his father were both there along with Congresswoman Maxine Water, Lorenzo Tate, Tyrese, Marques Houston, and a few other celebs. You can see photos from the event below. larenz-tate-tyrese-jamie-foxx-hosts-trayvon-martin-hollywood-charity-event tank-zena-foster-marques-houston-wife-jamie-foxx-hosts-trayvon-martin-hollywood-charity- congress-woman-maxine-waters-jamie-foxx-hosts-trayvon-martin-hollywood-charity-event- marques-houston-jamie-foxx-hosts-trayvon-martin-hollywood-charity-event

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