I have been to a lot of parties but my lil cuz KJ’s “16 and POPPIN” was epic! The homie is apart of Hip Hop’s Royalty and had a party fit for a king.

Check out the epic photos from his private airport hanger birthday party in Atlanta below.

Hip-hop superstars Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Rich Homie Quan were all apart of the homie’s Kyambo KJ Joshua Jr. “16 and POPPIN” birthday party hosted at Peachtree Dekalb Private Airport in a private hanger. KJ made an impressive arrival by Chooper to his party that was truly star-studded. Nothing less could be expected for the son of Hip Hop Royalty.

Kyambo KJ Joshua Jr. — son of “Hip Hop Since 1978” founder Kyambo Joshua and business mogul Erica. He’s grown up around the biggest stars of Hip Hop including Jay Z and Kayne West. KJ’s father was Kanye West’s first manager and his mother Erica is currently managing Rapper Jeezy. Erica told me that it was important that they give their son an amazing party to celebrate this big moment in his life. She shared,

KJ is a great kid and his father and I wanted to give him a great party to celebrate becoming a young man!”

KJ had a great concert that included an epic Hip Hop concert that included YG, Dope Boy Cash Out, DJ Fresh, School Boy, Black, Yo Gotti, and DJ Wet Starr.

Hip Hop Princess Reginae Carter was in attendance with Cynthia Bailey’s daughter Noel to help wish KJ a happy birthday.

KJ had an epic birthday and have such great role models to help him have a great life. KJ released a mix tape at his birthday party and the guests received a copy as a thank you for partying with him on his special day.

KJ’s “16 and POPPIN” Birthday Party included shout-outs from Weezy, Lil Boosie, Monica, Yo Gotti and many more top artists. Guests enjoyed cake from my home girl over at My Fair Sweets. and 2015 Cadillac Escalade!

Check out the details below.

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