The homie Dice hosted a fun VIEWING PARTY for  La La’s Full Court Life Season 5 Premiere at Bar One. The new season is going to be so much fun and you all much tune in to the show and support my girls. Check out the fun I had below.


The homie Dice held a fun viewing party for the season premiere of La La’s Full Court Life. The very successful reality show is in its 5th season. Can you believe it? It seems like yesterday the show came on. Dice was in the A and decided to host a fun party over at one of our favorite bar/restaurants Bar One. The lovely Dice looked nice with her new hair cut that stunned us all. Looking good Dice.

Check out the fun we had below.

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The crowd came out last night to Bar One to support my girl Dice to watch the new episodes of LaLa’s Full court Life. Dice’s new girlfriend Gocha was also in the building to support the premier of the new episode of LaLa’s Full Court Life,  take a look at the pics from the party last night!

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