DSC_8162The big homie Marlon Wayans is back at it with a box office hit, “A Haunted House 2.”

A Haunted House, the original movie made $150 million last year which we can all agree was worth the money.


Marlon just hosted, A Haunted House 2 Press Reception that was held In the Ballroom, at the TWELVE at Atlantic Station.  The food that was served was good as hell too.

My big homie says he’s starting to become more of an independent film maker, and is not waiting on  Hollywood to tell him that his films are good. He knows that already. DUHH! He’s a Wayans brother.


Anyway,  go check out my boy Marlon Wayans new hit movie, “ A Haunted House 2,” featuring Cedric The Entertainer, this is going to have yall laughing out your seats.

Oh and don’t forget the extra butter for the popcorn !

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