I had the opportunity to kick it with my girl Ming Lee as she celebrated the 2nd anniversary of her Snob Life Studio. The event was centered around empowering and inspiring women to get their hustle on with another installment of her highly acclaimed Branding & Marketing Seminar/Brunch.


Check out the details below.


In celebration of the SnobLife Studio 2-year anniversary, this past Sunday beauty maven Ming Lee hosted another empowering Branding & Marketing Seminar and Brunch, at 595 North event space in Atlanta. Aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners were invited out to learn the journey and best marketing/business tips from five amazingly successful entrepreneurs. Due to the extra special occasion, Ming went ‘big’ adding special guest speakers – media and digital marketing mogul Karen Civil, beauty vlogger Ellarie, author and philanthropist Just Mike the Poet, and designer Ms. Bling.


VIP guests also had the exclusive opportunity to enjoy a brunch buffet provided by Pretti Plates and one on one time to mix & mingle with Ming and her special guests. The event space was beautifully laid out, filled with ornate florals and ‘snob’ decor by Snazzy Events. Mocha Box, an emerging coffee brand, provided a complimentary coffee bar, showcasing their new hot and iced coffee flavors. My Fair Sweets created a gorgeous SnobLife themed cupcake and strawberry short cake bar, adding a sweet touch to the event.

Each speaker gave an un-filtered version of their life story, to truly show attendees with hard work and dedication you can have your own ‘rags to riches’ story too. Following the speaking portion, guests were invited to engage in a Q&A with each panelist. Wrapping the event, everyone spent the remaining hour networking with one another, as well as the special guest speakers. “I am so happy that I got to spend my 2-year anniversary not only with phenomenal entrepreneurs like Karen, Ellarie, Mike and Bling… but also with upcoming business women/men who truly look up to us and aspire to be great,” Ming states, “what better way to celebrate my success, than by shedding light to those who not only help(ed) me get to where I’m at, but also can learn from my story, I am truly grateful.”

Congrats to Ming Lee and her entire Snob Life Studio crew. Check out the fun I had in the images below.

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