Last night the homie Ming Lee threw her official party for her employees, business colleagues, close clients, and very “close friend” Rick Ross.

Check out the details below.

Entreprenuer Ming Lee threw her official Christmas party last night celebrating the holidays and a wonderful year in business and success. The lavish party was held at The B Loft in the heart of Atlanta’s Buckhead. The night was full of music, tasty bites from Pretti Plates, and lots of fun.

For the last couple of years Ming Lee has been winning in the hair industry by making the lovely ladies of Atlanta look good and feel good. Ming Lee is the owner of Snob Life Studios a posh salon in the heart of downtown Atlanta. This lovely starlet was recently featured in Black Enterprise as a star in business. Ming Lee is always hosting charitable events to benefit Atlanta.


Also in the building was the love of her life rapper Rick Ross. The love affair is not confirmed and it has not be denied; but the smiles on their faces suggest that they are in LOVE.

Rick Ross is currently in stores and word on the street he’s working on a new movie. One of Rick’s homies told me to get ready for the Rozay ATL takeover.

Special shoutout to Bel Air Rozay and Twenty Grand Vodka for powering the event. We had a great time. Ceck out the details below.

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