The homie Monyetta Shaw hosted an amazing event under her latest venture The Evan Grace Group honoring Atlanta’s most influential women at the Heels To Greatness Awards Ceremony. The invite only event celebrated women from diverse backgrounds. The event was hosted by Monyetta Shaw and the big homie Ryan Cameron.



 The Evan Grace Group presented Heels of Greatness at The Estate at Piedmont in the heart of Buckhead. The posh event was hosted by Monyetta Shaw and V-103’s own Ryan Cameron.


Check out the details below.


The event was sponsored by The Evan Grace Group, Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead, and Malibu Red.
Guests enjoyed complimentary drinks by Malibu Red, appetizers, a delicious meal with entertainment by SteelGray and the Factory,




Tameka Foster Raymond

The honorees included 27 of Atlanta’s most influential women including:


TV Personality Egypt Sherrod & Actress Keshia Knight Pulliam


Keshia Knight Pulliam with Businesswoman Juanita Baranco


Ryan Cameron posing with his wife Kysha Cameron


Kandi Burruss and Monyetta Shaw on Heels to Greatness Stage


Bernice King posing on the Heels to Greatness Red Carpet


Neyo posing with Honorees Toya Wright and Jamie Foster Brown


TD Jakes daugher Sarah Jakes

Comedian/Mommypreneur/Reality TV Star: Torrei Hart. She said that the Heels to Greatness was her first award. How awesome is that!


Businesswoman Tameka Johnson


Businesswoman Tamika Foster Raymond


Egypt Sherrod with Mario


Monyetta Shaw posing with radio and print personalities Shirley Strawberry & Jamie Foster Brown


Businesswoman and Neyo’s Moms: Loraine Smith


Toya Wright and Bernice King were both Heels to Greatness Honorees

Neyo was on hand to lend support. Monyetta thought the evening was over but her partners had a surprise for her that included her favorite singers Stacy Barth who performed live with a guitarist and R&B singer Marion Winans who serenaded her all of the ladies in attendance.

The evening was great with good food so you know I was extra happy. Congrats to Monyetta on an amazing event.

 Check our the fun below.

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