Last night I got the chance to kick it with one of my favorite couples NeNe Leakes and Gregg Leakes at their “I Dream of NeNe” Viewing Party at Frank Ski Restaurant. We had an awesome time of good food, drinks, and chatter as we all tuned into the third episode of the highly enjoyable “I Dream of NeNe“.

Check out the details below.

We are ecstatic about the reconciliation of Gregg and NeNe. Nothing like love to make you feel good. NeNe and Greg is in a very happy place right now. The happy couple held a viewing party that was a celebration of the show and their fans. The party included close friends and family meaning Gregg’s children. NeNe recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and had the following to say about her relationship with her step children,

I love Gregg’s kids. I’m sure Gregg’s ex-wife is watching the show, seeing me with them. I’ve never had anything against her, but the relationship with Gregg’s children is good. I love Gregg’s older children like they were my own. We’re all learning to communicate better, all Gregg’s kids are good, it’s just the oldest one — he’s a bit more outspoken. The rest of them are pretty quiet.

That’s a great look! See family can work things out! NeNe’s son Bryce and his girlfriend were also in the house for the viewing party.


NeNe and Greg decided to host a party that could include their close-knit circle and their loving fans. What better way to connect with your fans than to have awesome viewing parties!


As we watched ‘I Dream of NeNe’ we learned that the couple was happy but the bridal party was not so happy or cooperative. Nothing can change the dynamics of a friendship more than planning a wedding. Stress levels are high and tensions can definitely run deep. The bridal party consists of reality stars Cynthia Bailey, Laura Govan, Marlo Hampton, Jennifer Williams and her BFF Diana Gowins. NeNe recently discussed her relationship with her bridal party with the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” that things aren’t the same between her and some of the ladies. NeNe said:

“It affected our relationship; I have to say. A few of these girls I was very close to. Our relationship was definitely affected.”

NeNe’s longtime friend Diana Gowins is taking issue with several of the other bride maids including Marlo. Diana had this to say about Marlo Hampton,

“I do think that you are an opportunist…You want the spotlight.”


NeNe has a lot to deal with because she chose to have nine bridemaids to stand up for her. NeNe also decided not to have a matron or maid of honor to prevent hurt feelings I suppose. Cynthia Bailey was able to understand her friend’s decision she had the following to say,

“If I didn’t have a sister, I don’t think I would have made any of my friends a matron of honor. That creates a lot of drama. My friends all have their different place in my life. So, it would have been very difficult to pin them down to do that. It just eliminated a lot of drama.”

NeNe did not pin point which bridemaids was causing the drama or if they all had a hand in making the wedding planning a little difficult but she did have the following to say,

 “They totally forgot that I am a bride. They forgot the role of a bridesmaid,” she said. “They have a lot of attitude.”

NeNe was able to fix her relationship with her husband Gregg and she seems to be working on her relationship with her step children. Time will tell how her relationship will evolve with her bridal party. We have faith that things will work out. Real friends can work through anything. Check out the fun we had below.

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