NeNe Leakes has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season and she decided to invite her whole family come up from Athens to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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The homie NeNe Leakes is reflecting on what’s important this Thanksgiving. After experiencing a life threatening scare NeNe is taking time out to reflect on what’s really important. Mrs. Leakes is focusing her attentions this holiday season on family, friends and a spirit of Thanksgiving.


NeNe and Gregg invited their extended family to come up from Athens to spend the holidays. Thanksgiving at the Leakes was amazing. It was filled with family, food, and good times. NeNe made her famous collard greens that left me saying, “Thank GOD!”. I was so happy to see NeNe feeling better and able to get in the kitchen and throw down. The food was great; I filled my plate between taking pictures and catching up.


NeNe had her favorite aunt/mother figure come up to spend time with her and she wants everyone to know that she is truly thankful this Thanksgiving.


NeNe and Gregg had their best friends over the Cynthia and Peter to celebrate the holidays.



After you have a good meal you gotta play games. Taboo was the game of the evening and everybody had a ball. Check out the girls laughing at the boys trying to get the answers. It was definitely a great time!


Thanksgiving 2013 was an amazing time. Check out the rest of the pictures below.
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