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PHOTOS: Phaedra Parks, Tami Roman, & Mamma Dee Host Talent Show at Atlanta’s Rialto Theater

DSC_6120The starlets of reality tv Phaedra Parks, Tami Roman, and Momma Dee lent their celebrity to support the arts over the weekend at Atlanta’s historic Rialto Theater.

Check out the details below.

DSC_6171The lovely Phaedra Parks, the beautiful Tami Roman, and the Queen herself the fabulous Momma Dee was in the building for one of Atlanta’s largest underground talent shows. The event was hosted at the Rialto Theater on the campus of Georgia State University. The evening was filled with tons of wonderful music and talent despite the fact the house was not filled to capacity. Students from Georgia State competed to win the title of the Best Music and Best Poetry. The evening was filled with inspiring poetry and music that ranged from our favorite standards to one of a kind originals. It was truly a great time; it’s unfortunate that people don’t really support the arts.


Phaedra Parks, Tami Roman, and Momma Dee served as judges and gave fun feedback to each contestant.DSC_6209

Phaedra is currently focusing on being happy and raising two happy little boys. She told me that both of her boys are doing well and she’s busy doing her thing.

DSC_6217Tami is happy and in love. Tami’s new boo is 17 years younger and she’s totally in love. She’s happy and her boo let me know he’s even happier. So many people have words to say about women finding love in younger men but Tami don’t care nothing about any of that. She want the haters to focus on her bills an she’s focusing on her HAPPY!


Momma Dee is currently finishing up the latest season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Momma Dee told me that this season is going to be off the chain; with Scrappy and Erica Dixon and their co-parenting relationship dynamiocs. My girl Shay Johnson was also in the house to lend support to Momma Dee. I wonder if Shay is trying to get back in the kingdom? What do you think?

Overall the night was awesome and two winners walked away with $1,000.00 for winning in the music and poetry categories.

Check out the images below.

DSC_5764 DSC_5765 DSC_5781 DSC_5790 DSC_5823 DSC_5827 DSC_5885
DSC_5895 DSC_5916 DSC_5921 DSC_5958 DSC_6014 DSC_6018 DSC_6039 DSC_6043 DSC_6062 DSC_6067 DSC_5890DSC_6104DSC_6106DSC_6118DSC_6153DSC_6163DSC_6164
DSC_6082 DSC_6090 DSC_6108
DSC_6140 DSC_6150 DSC_6152
DSC_6160 DSC_6161 DSC_6166
DSC_6174 DSC_6179 DSC_6181 DSC_6193 DSC_6197

DSC_6210 DSC_6212 DSC_6214
DSC_6220 DSC_6224 DSC_6226 DSC_6230 DSC_6231 DSC_6232 DSC_6234

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