The Museum Bar was the place to be over the night for the Biggest Party of the Bronner Brothers Hair Show Weekend. The party was powered by Queen Virgin Remy had the true bosses of the hair and beauty industry in the house as we popped bottles, enjoyed good food, networked with the biggest bosses, and partied like it was 1999!


Check out the details below.


The boss of hair extensions Queen Virgin Remy hosted the biggest party of the 2015 Bronner Brothers Hair Show Weekend. All of Atlanta came out to party at THE HAIR BOSS FINALE PARTY. This party was truly star-studded; hosted by Titans in the Hair Care/Beauty Industry including Japanese Faces, Gocha Hawkins, Ming Lee, Toya Wright, Maia Sly, LaTonya Saunderson, and Terence Davidson. The homie Cool C rocked the mic while my brother DJ Holiday provided the soundtrack of the evening.


The cast of LA Hair stopped by to party with their cast mate Gocha Hawkins who hosted her epic salon grand opening in Atlanta over the weekend. Gocha is a busy girl gearing up for the new season of LA Hair, running a posh salon in the heart of Atlanta’s Midtown, and being a true HAIR BOSS.


My girl Toya Wright partied the weekend away with the Bronner Brothers Hair Show and she has tons of projects in the works including her new brand of head scarfs, books, and word on the streets there’s a new tv show in the makings.


My girl Ming Lee was in the house and we all know she’s a true boss in the hair care industry with her Snob Life brand that’s all about beauty, hair, hair care, and business.


In the house was some of Atlanta’s own including Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Momma Dee who is now happily married and living life on the throne as the queen with her king.


WNBA star of the Atlanta Dream Angel Mccoughtry was in the house as she told me to let Atlanta know that the Atlanta Dream is going all the way this season. I told her that I plan on seeing them do their thing LIVE and in LIVING COLOR!


Celebrity manicure mogul Terrance Terry was in the house to support the party as well!

The night was truly epic and it was truly a great way to end the eventful Bronner Brothers Weekend of activities. Check out the fun we had in the images below.

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