This has got to be one of the dopest events I’ve been to this year!   Ratchet People Meet presented “Socially Profiled”, a Live Sketch Comedy infused with Stand-Up.  Big kudos to TI and 31 Minds for giving back.  They helped with the production, which is cool because they are giving the young comedians a chance to be heard.

DSC_8844I got to watch some of the biggest up and coming black YouTube, Instagram, and Vine stars around.  Although the name might be a turn off to some of you (Ratchet People Meet), don’t hold that against them.  The Ebonics, the slander, and the cursing was actually everything i needed that night and I think that at some point we need to be a little more rathcet.  I think we need to learn how to cut it off but we need a little ratchet in our lives.

Some of the comedians that participated in the show include Emmanuel Hudson, DC Young Fly, Marco Lavelle, Ernestine Johnson, Brussy, Marly St Cloud, Navv Greene, E the Duchess, Will Foskey, Money Bag Mafia.

DSC_8794Detroit rapper Dej Loaf was in the building.  DirecDirector Will Packard surprised the group when he came back stage and showed his support.  PS: Will Packard is one of the biggest movie producers in the country.DSC_8683Director Will Packer surprised the group when he came back stage and showed his support.  PS: Will Packer is one of the biggest movie producers in the country.DSC_8677DC Young Fly getting some great advice from Director Will Packer.DSC_8036Rocko, CEO of Atlanta based A1 Recordings came out as well.  
DSC_8871Most people may not know this, but DC Young Fly grew up in the church.  And his Mother helped him out a lot and no he doesn’t have a young ghetto mama! His mother is 60 and fabulous. And she is doing what every Mother should do which is supporting their kids. Shout out to my boy Bobby and the whole Archive Entertainment crew.  A lot more pics below!

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