I had the time of my life kicking it with Renee Graziano as she hosted her celebrity pop up shop at my Tees & Quotes for her new book “Playing with Fire” a hot romance novel. In addition to having the MOB WIFE in the house I had the pleasure of kicking it with the lovely Bern Nadette Stanis the original sweet heart and we had GOOD TIMES. I also got the chance to kick it with the royal MOTHER of Atlanta my girl Momma Dee.

Check out the details below.

Tees & Quotes was a buzz with beautiful women, books, Nancy’s Pizza, and Passion XO for the celebrity pop up shop showcasing my girls Renee Graziano, Bern Nadette Stanis, and Momma Dee.


The Mob Wife Renee Graziano was in town promoting her latest venture “Playing with Fire”. Renee is such a ball of energy and so much fun. She coyly suggested that her book’s heroine is loosely based off a dark-haired beauty that we all have come to know and love thanks to VH1. Renee joked about the overly sexual content while suggest that the reader should fast forward to page 60 for the good good. She shared details about her MOB CANDY line which is a fashion and accessory line that celebrates women who are about that MOB CANDY life. She shared an exclusive with me that includes her new dress and sunglass line. Renee was all the way turnt up and I loved every moment of it.


I then got a chance to stand in the presence of tv royalty. Bern Nadette Stanis the beauty that we have all loved since the 1970’s shared so much knowledge that we had to put her on tape and plan to share those gems with you in the very near future. Bern Nadette talked to us about the path of getting to happy in relationships. She told us the story behind her first book “Situations 101”. When we talked to her about her relationship guide she quickly told us that she was the predecessor for Steve Harvey, Hill Harper, Lala Anthony and other celebrity authors who have thrown their hats into providing relationship advice. Bern Nadette published her first relationship book back in 2006, she has a financial guide under the same moniker, and is releasing a new book for Summer 2014. In addition to her books Bern Nadette has an amazing event to benefit Alzheimer’s Disease slated for 4/19/14.


I then finished up with my girl Momma Dee is alway so much fun. Did you know that Momma Dee has a relationship guide coming this summer? We can’t wait to see and read what Momma Dee has to say about relationship. It should be a royally good read. Dr. Heavenly the newest Dentist on Married to Medicine even came by to hang out with the ladies and she could not help but enjoy a little quality time with Momma Dee, Bern Nadette, and Renee.


The big homie Kirk Frost even swung by to kick it with the homie and show the ladies some love!


We had so much fun feasting on Nancy’s Pizza and enjoying Passion XO that was the perfect way to start my weekend.


Check out the fun we had below.

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