I had the chance to kick it with RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas on Friday night at their new sports bar/lounge Sports One Bar. Peter and Cynthia are making moves in the entertainment industry in both Atlanta and Charlotte. The power couple invited all of Charlotte to come get their grub and party on at Sports One Bar.


Check out the details below.


Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas hosted an extravagant party at their new sportsbar/lounge Sports One Bar in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. The power couple wanted the city of Charlotte to get their party on in celebration of this year’s CIAA tournament. The couple created a huge tent outside of their establishment that was filled with good food, drinks, and party people. Cynthia and Peter wanted to create an evening to remember so they flew in their Atlanta chefs to assist their Charlotte chefs to create a magical evening.



Cynthia was surrounded by her homies from the RHOA including the lovely Claudia Jordan who is covering the huge sporting event for The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and the lovely Demetria McKinney who is spending time with her boo Roger Bobb.


Shout out to the homie OG Maco for stopping by to get their party on; the next big star to break out of Atlanta. Remember I told you that he’s going to be BIG!

Kudos to Peter and Cynthia on an amazing party. If you are in Charlotte come by Sports Bar One tonight because we will be partying again!

Check out the fun we had in the images below.
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