DSC_9184The big homie YG is doing his thing in Atlanta promoting his forthcoming album ‘My Krazy Life’. The Oakland based rapper made a grand appearance at the Athlete’s Foot in the Historic West End District of Atlanta. Then he finished the evening at the acclaimed Patchwerk Studios with Jezzy and Rocko as he played his forthcoming album for the industry leaders and taste makers to enjoy.


Check out the details below.


DSC_9206The homie YG is killing the airwaves with the HITS that makes you bob your head. The ‘My Hitta’ rapper stopped off at the Athlete’s Foot where Atlanta greeted him with tons of enthusiasm. The big homie autographed t-shirts and posters for his fans that included kids, teenagers, and adults alike.


YG then traveled to Patchwerk Studios to host a  cool listening party, where he introduced the guests to his forthcoming album ‘My Krazy Life’. YG explained that he album is based on his story growing up on the west coast. He feels like a lot of young people will be able to relate to his music. YG tells a compelling story with this album that describes the highs and lows of life as a YOUNG G.


I enjoyed the album that has hit after hit after hit. He is nostalgic west coast hip hop. You can definitely tell he is inspired by the WEST COAST greats by telling colorful stories in his rhymes and keeping it real.

Check out the fun I had below.

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