It was definitely a movie inside Playhouse Nightclub as the one-and-only Ant celebrated his birthday with a star-studded party hosted by Young Thug, Boosie, & Bryson Tiller during  the 2016 BET Awards weekend.



Check out the details below.


Playhouse Night was lit as everyone came out to celebrate the homie Ant’s birthday see Young Thug and Boosie live and get ready for the EPIC 2016 BET Awards Weekend. The birthday party had the biggest stars of hip including DJ Holiday, Sincere Show, & Kenny Burns kept the energy high as they took turns on the mic.



Thug was there with his lady-love Jerrika Karle as they brought the ATL to the WEST COAST and the homie Boosie was there bringing the New Orleans flare to LA.


I spotted the lovely Lira Galore kicking with Jerrika Karle during the party. The night was truly epic. Be sure to return to the blog for more behind the scenes access to the 2016 BET Awards weekend experience and check out @freddyoart on Instagram for all of the fun. I welcome you to check out the fun in the photos below.


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