On December 8, 2014 SJAC Food Groups also known as Zaxby’s hosted their 5th Annual Christmas Bowling Party at Pin Strikes located in Stockbridge, Georgia. Zaxby’s is doing it big and giving back on a extraordinary level.

Check out the details below.


SJAC Food Groups also known as Zaxby’s hosted their 5th Annual Christmas Bowling Party at Pin Strikes. Due to the generosity and appreciation of his staff, President/CEO, Mr. Sterling Coleman reserved the 38,000 square foot facility and closed all seven of his Zaxby’s restaurants to allow his employees to come out and enjoy a fun filled night.

The party consisted of 7 plasma TVs, mega-modern bowling lanes, bumper cars, arcades, and laser tag; Mr. Coleman also brought in V103’s very own DJ Tayrok to get the party “turnt up”.

With over 300 employees and guests in attendance, Mr. Coleman and SJAC Food Groups provided food and drinks for everyone. The highlight of the evening was the contest and prizes given in the spirit of the Holiday. SJAC raffled off over 100 prizes amongst all seven store employees. Prizes ranged from, Atlanta Hawks Suite Tickets along with parking passes, 32” Flat Screen TVs, Visa Gift Cards, IPADs, and over $15,000 cash.

Special thanks to SJAC for hiring FREDDYO to capture the memorable event. Learn more about Zaxbys and Mr. Coleman’s franchises by following the hashtag: #zaxbysatl1

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