Police are looking into a “domestic violence” incident that allegedly occurred at actor Shemar Moore’s house on Saturday.


A woman called police to Shemar’s Encino, California home after the two got into an argument. Supposedly the woman was pushed into the swimming pool by another guest at Shemar’s house. The woman was instructed to wait outside while Shemar brought towels for her to dry off with. According to witnesses the woman became irate and an argument ensued. By the time the cops arrived, both Shemar and the woman accused each other of pushing one another.


There were no visible injuries, so the police did not arrest either party.

To me I think this chick is a party pooper! How are you going to get mad and act like that at somebody elses house? If it was that bad you get in your car and take your butt home.


This should teach everyone to leave their party pooper friends at the house. I seem to think this young lady was salty over a little more than being pushed into the water. Home girl you can email us your exclusive and let us know what really happened!

What do you think happened?

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