Premiere Of VH1 LaLa’s Full Court Wedding

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(9/20/2010) I bet every woman was tuned in to LaLa’s Full Court Wedding last night. There was much detail put into the wedding and she didn’t seem stressed at all just confused. I must say she isn’t the typical basketball wife either! She didn’t brag on how much she was spending and who was coming.  She was hands on in her wedding planning and wasn’t over the top. I didn’t even know she and Tyrese were close friends either.  Tyrese is very expressive and may have ruffled some feathers.   Tyrese asked a question that she hasn’t heard yet: “Are you ready to be a wife?”  She says she is, but, he asks why she doesn’t hang out with married women?  That was a great question. Readers do you think that your single friends can hurt your marriage or relationship? Some folks took to Twitter to tell what they thought:

msherrod78: @lala I agree w @Tyrese about the married friends comment makes A lot of sense! I loved the show! Congrats

-YepShesFancy: I feel like everything @Tyrese said was 100% you need to be around people that on ur page and its good to master things

hypetunnel:I just don’t know how all these divorced men are experts on what women should do in marriage -hypetunnel

HydeiaBroadbent: You can have single girl friends but you can’t hang with them in the club because what they are looking for you already have at home!

AlottaPressure: Who made @Tyrese the reality show advice guru?

Tell us what you think!

Check out the show and even see appearances from her friends such as Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Tyrese, and Luda:

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5 Comments to “Premiere Of VH1 LaLa’s Full Court Wedding”

  1. Kennedi says:

    One word: BORING!!!

  2. lockstress says:

    I like this girl and I like this couple. Some people don’t need drama to function and I can appreciate that. God bless and good luck to these 2

  3. Amanda says:

    I love their relationship! Its beautiful… Its a blessing to have something so special. I totally agree with Tyrese though but I feel like its something she’ll have to adjust to.

  4. LaTanya says:

    I’m married and I have single friends and married friends. You don’t dump your friends just because you get married. You just don’t go clubbing as much instead of every week me and my girls(married and single) have girls night out once a month. We also get together some weekends for lunch and shopping. As long as you respect your marriage you can have both!

  5. galeann says:

    hello Lala,Just wanted to wish you God
    ‘s blessing in your marriage

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