He might been taken away from us tooo soon over some dumb mess, but let’s recognize his purpose that he did while here. He left us with positive words, motivation messages to not give up on what you want to do, and besides not forget his dope contribution to music coming from the west coast. 

Sunday Afternoon his Marathon Store, a clothing company in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, south of the Crenshaw area,  in the parking lot of his store “Marathon Store”. Nipsey Hussle was shot 6 times, and with at least one gun shot to the head. He was sent to the hospital where he died. Everyone is so shocked that this has happen, while the shooter was on foot haven’t been caught, and posted on IG bragging that he shot Nipsey Hussle. There are already stories speculating about the government had something to do with it, and then they are pinning it on gang related because he was apart of Rolling 60s.

We wont never know, but what I do know we lost a great one, rest in peace and condolences to his family. 




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