R. Kelly’s new album “Love Letter” must not be selling it needs to because he is now facing a $2.9 million foreclosure on his mansion located in Olympia Fields (a southern suburb of Chicago).

Supposedly R. Kelly hasn’t paid his mortgage on the 11,000 sq. ft. Mansion because he was trying to force the bank to modify his loan…well at least that’s what his people are claiming. Too bad his former managers over at Prospect Park LLC are saying a completely different story. They say that the R&B crooner isn’t paying the mortgage because the money was “needed instead to ‘pay off’ various individuals threatening to expose alleged illicit, embarrassing and unlawful conduct by Kelly, including sexual misconduct”. Now you can’t tell me that statement doesn’t sound suspicious! Seems like his past is coming back to haunt him. Well I hope that new album sells and he continues to perform the way he did on the Soul Train Awards because he’s gonna need all the money he can get seeing that Prospect Park has it out for him for $1 million. I think his best bet would be just to put the house on the market…again. What do you think of the statement issued by Prospect Park LLC? Does it seem a little suspicious to you?


If you didn’t catch Kelly’s performance on the Soul Train Awards check it out here:

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