Raven Symone Too Marry Girlfriend AzMarie Livingston?

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I was lost for words after hearing rumors that Raven Symone was getting married to girlfriend  AzMarie Livingston , and that she wanted first lady Michelle Obama to offici­ate at her wedding! Just so yall know the story comes from the National Enquirer, so please keep that in mind… Here’s what they’re saying:

The outrageous idea came to the former “Cosby” cutie after she met the Obama family backstage follow­ing one of her recent performances in “Sister Act” on Broadway. She was thrilled to learn that the whole fam­ily – including President Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha – had been fans since the actress’ days on the Disney series “That’s So Raven,” a source revealed.

After the meet-and-greet, RAVEN, 26, rushed home to share her big plans with girlfriend AzMarie Livingston, whom she plans to wed in New York, where same-sex marriage is legal.
“Raven wants a big, splashy affair, and she REALLY wants Michelle to officiate,” said the source. “Knowing how the Obamas have become firm believers in marriage equality, Raven didn’t hesitate to ask her reps to send a letter to Michelle asking if she’d get temporary credentials to legally marry AzMarie and her.”

What do you think?


15 Comments to “Raven Symone Too Marry Girlfriend AzMarie Livingston?”

  1. Wtf says:

    Raven why are u gay?? Dum question right? Yeah I know ur so pretty get out that lane girl I’m 26 yrs old as well get a man have babies

  2. sickntired says:

    Oh no! When did this happen? I had no idea she was a lesbo. Well, can’t judge her, only wish her lots of happiness.

  3. RavenSupporter says:

    Wow ! Raven yu have been my inspiration ! I love yu ‘& EVERYTHING yu do ! Im SO HAPPY yu might get married ! Who cares what others say yur a strong independent woman ‘& I support everything yu do ! Hopefully one day I get to meet yu ^-^ love yu raven !

  4. ThatSoRAERAE says:

    Idc if she a lesbo or not shes completely gorgeous and i wish her the best of luck with her relationship and i hope she does get married so she can stay happy.. :))))))

  5. Its wonderful as your other posts : D, thankyou for putting up. “A great flame follows a little spark.” by Dante Alighieri.

  6. Allsmilzz says:

    Congrats Raven..#teamLESBETERIAN<3

  7. lola says:

    she was my idol untill i saw this ugh fucking lesbos or gays shoedent be in this world!!!

  8. LILLY says:

    THE WRATH OF GOD ALMIGHTY WILL SOON OVER TAKE THIS WORLDS TOO MUCH IMMORALITY. PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE SO SHOCK WITH GOD RISES UP AND SHAKE THIS WORLD . SIN AND SINNER WILL SOON BE DESTROY. PS 37 Fret not thyself because of evildoers , neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. 2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.

  9. Emily says:

    Lilly shut up!

  10. Rc says:

    Emily, I,m A christian young woman who totally agree with Lilly ST. John 8:32 says in God,s Holy word Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free: If you agree with this Abomination of sin something is wrong with you! God Frown,s upon this sin Men being lovers of themselves and Women also loving each other, he doesn,t hate them personally he hates that sin: so do I! He want,s all to come to Repentance and be saved if only they first ask him for forgivness of there sins and he will and shall forgive them of that sin; He will blot that sin out and make them free! JESUS Christ did not die upon the cross for none of us to remain in Sin, he died so we could have Life and that yet Abundantly JOHN 10:10 HE LOVES US SO MUCH, AND he want,s to SaveUs, set us free and deliver us from The Devil,s snares and traps period! He comes to kill, steal and Destroy us, NOT JESUS HIS LOVE IS EVERLASTING; JESUS IS THE WAY, TRUTH AND THE LIFE NO MAN CAN come to the father but by JESUS CHRIST: So Emily and others who may not be saved Chose ye this Day whom you will serve Joshua 24:15 I pray you will give your life over to JESUS if you do you will never go wrong: He,s My everything and so much more i never can make it without him or my family, JESUS WILL never leave you nor forsake you like others who will,HE,,ll be there for you until eternity Hebrews 13:5! EveryBody be Blessed in JESUS Precious name; LOVE u all with the love of JESUS Christ!

  11. HEEEEY says:


  12. Remarkable! Its genuinely amazing post, I have got much clear idea on
    the topic of from this paragraph.

  13. Ms. Thang says:

    I am stunned!! I thought Raven was a sweet lady and a virgin as well. No wonder she never had boyfriend. I am so diasppointed in you Raven, I know Bill Cosby is shocked as well. I hope you both repent and get saved.

  14. Nikki says:

    Rc and Emily…Jesus said those without sin shall cast the first stone
    so if you Judge, God shall Judge you
    matter of fact he is doing it right now, you are also committing a sin
    Love is the only thing we should show raven, whether you agree with her actions or not.

  15. Nikki says:

    I didn’t mean you Emily.lol…sorry I meant lilly

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