Ray J

Looks like Kim Kardashian and Ray J might become neighbors! Apparently, the “I Hit It First” singer has been made an offer on a home down the street from Mrs. Kardashian-West.

Check out the details below!

It seems that no matter what Kim Kardashian does or who she marries, Ray J is not too far behind! There is a huge possibility that Kimmy and Ray might become neighbors! Can you imagine how awkward those block parties would be???

It seems the #LHHHollywood star has made a $2.7 million offer on a house eight houses down from Kimye’s humble abode. Ray’s manager David Weintraub was looking around the property on Friday and made an offer later that day.

Well, if he does get the home, then congrats to him! I wonder if the West Family would be invited to the housewarming? Comment with your thoughts below!

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