Ray J is infuriated at the producers of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

As we reported before, Ray J signed on to “Celebrity Big Brother UK,” in exchange for one million dollars, a great big salary for the world of reality TV. It appears that situation didn’t stay that way for very long, as it’s been reported that Ray J has been kicked off the reality TV show.

As the story apparently goes, Ray J had a toothache three days into the shooting, and his pleas for medical attention were ignored by the show’s producers. He was ordered to move on with the shoot, until Ray J’s cast mates refused to continue in objection. On Monday a dentist came to the set, equipped with drugs, and the entertainer was instructed to pop four painkillers at night, and then four more in the morning.


On Tuesday morning, Ray J woke up with unbearable pain, and took four more pills. The producers agreed to take him to the hospital, but Ray J blacked out as they left the set. It’s been reported that Ray J has since been kicked off the show, and that his one million dollar deal is in jeopardy.

The singer is reportedly furious at the show’s producers, and threatens to sue the show if they don’t let him back. What do y’all think? Is Ray J getting cheated by “Celebrity Big Brother,” or should he stay removed from the series?

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