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Ray Rice Seeks to Appeal Indefinite Suspension

Ray Rice

The appeal hearing that could end former Raven’s running back Ray Rice’s indefinite suspension, has finally come to the end. The NFL player went to court seeking to overturn what many consider a “harsh” punishment, which was put into effect after being caught punching his now wife on camera!

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Former Raven’s running back Ray Rice’s appeal hearing came to an end yesterday. Rice went to court seeking to overturn the indefinite suspension from the NFL that came about after being caught on camera punching his wife Janay in a hotel elevator. Rice’s argument is that Commissioner Roger Goodell knew the nature of him and Janay’s relationship all along, and that no new evidence was presented with the release of the surveillance video. NFL Media’s Judy Battitsta says everything is going to boil down to determining just how much Goodell actually knew.
“So the crux of this appeal is, what did the Commissioner know? What did he understand Ray Rice was saying to him? And was it unfair for the league to go back and suspend Ray Rice a second time indefinitely?”

Barbara S. Jones, Former U.S. District Attorney, heard Rice’s appeal, and will now have to decide whether the NFL violated Rice’s rights under the collective bargaining agreement and subjected him to double jeopardy by slapping him with an indefinite ban after his original two game suspension based on the same set of facts. The league contends that the video was new evidence.

Ray and his wife testified in court, giving their own accounts of what happened that night. Reportedly, the hearing lasted two days. Rice has also filed a suit against the NFL for wrongful termination of his contract.
It seems like Rice still has hope for his future, but there are some who think he should just give it up. “I don’t think anybody’s going to worry about that now,” one NFL staff director told USA TODAY Sports. “I think he’s played his last game.”

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