Kandi Burruss organized a “peaceful” dinner party so the housewives could hopefully mend fences and move forward, but the dinner was anything but peaceful!
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“We might need a word of prayer before these heifers get here,” said Phaedra Parks, offering up a mock prayer with Burruss at the restaurant. “We come against whores … and liars. I want God to be in the midst, because I know this could turn out horribly wrong.”

Whelp, Phae Phae must’ve looked into her crystal ball before the dinner, because she predicted it would turn out wrong and it DID!

Despite, Apollo’s admission about the lies he told on Kenya, Phaedra refused to apologize and said the following instead:

“I didn’t start the rumor. Her behavior started the rumor,” said Parks. “I called you a whore, and I called you a slut because if it look like a duck, it quack like a duck, it yellow and swim in a pond, it’s a duck.”

“If you feel you don’t owe me an apology, I hope you can sleep at night,” Moore responded. “I forgive you, Phaedra. Let’s clear the slate.”

Kandi’s attempts to reconnect Cynthia and NeNe were also a failure. The two fell out after NeNe called Peter a bitch in Mexico last season.

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