The Real Housewives of Atlanta ‘He Said, She Said’ was all the way turnt up last night as the homies went to Mexico.  Kenya managed to get everyone to show up on her trip to Mexico, which involved visiting a fancy resort. There was discussions about Porsha and Kordell’s relationship. There was discussion about friends, relationships, and loyalty.

Check it out below.

This week’s episode was extra crazy. So many moving parts.

NeNe is so over Marlo Hampton. She lets everybody know that she don’t do Marlo or mention her anymore!

Phaedra Parks is not feeling this trip because Kenya is behind it. She reluctant to take hubby Apollo Nida given the fact Kenya has the hots for him and he didn’t shut it down. Phaedra says,

“I’m not in the mood for more stupidity putting limitations on my life.”

The big homie Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey’s husband, just “happens” to get in touch with Kordell Stewart so Kordell can explain his side of the story concerning the end of his marriage with Porsha Williams. Kordell makes this appearance to help clear up his image, an image he knew even at the time of the taping was taking a beating. Kordell explains the challenges that they faced as a couple and his issuse with Porsha’s family. He reveals that Porsha asked him to file for divorce for three months before it actually happened. So she should not have been blindsided, he says. He feels she has taken on this victim role that is unwarranted. He also mentions Porsha’s irresponsible financial decisions  which includes not paying tasex on her condo; so he didn’t put her name on any of his assets. Kordell says,

“I can’t let a knucklehead destroy what I’ve established. I love her enough to let her go. I have peace in my heart.”

During the Mexico Peter decides to inform Porsha about his conversation with Kordell because if he didn’t, there’d be no show! Porsha is not thrilled. Later, Cynthia says she hopes Peter’s intrusion didn’t impact their relationship. Porsha is okay with her. She vows not to mud sling while hearing Kordell is badmouthing her via third parties (and in court papers.).

Peter tries to convey what Kordell had said, which led Porsha to say she respects his opinions. She says she chose to go on this show and make their relationship public

“By my choice. My plan was to be this ideal couple. Whatever was in his past that hurt him, all those rumors, I would help him erase that. I did that for him.”

Peter lets Porsha  know she sounds like she was running a PR campaign.  Kenya hits Porsha in the stomach by saying,

” You signed on to be his beard basically.”

Porsha rightfully says Kenya doesn’t know the relationship in totality, only in bits and pieces.

Gregg defends Porsha, coming from the viewpoint of having divorced NeNe for a time.

I can’t wait to see the drama next week!

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