A family spokesman is denying it but reports are running rampant about Whitney Houston’s daughter possibly using drugs after her mother’s funeral on Saturday. “The Daily Beast” quotes sources who say Bobbi Kristina Brown was found held up in a hotel room “getting high” as family members and friends searched frantically for the grief-stricken teen.

A family rep denies Bobbi Kristina was found using drugs, telling the website that Bobbi Kristina just “needed some time alone.” The 18-year-old reportedly slipped away from the family after learning the presence of her father, Whitney’s ex Bobby Brown, had caused drama among family members at the funeral.

“The Daily Beast” says Bobbi Kristina entered rehab for a drug problem early last year and that she was expected to enter a treatment facility in California after the memorial for her mother. The website quotes a family friend who says the family is very worried about Bobbi Kristina and that they had been “trying to keep her straight even before Whitney passed.” The source says, “They tried to save Whitney, and it didn’t work. Now with Bobbi Kristina, they fear the same thing is happening again, and they won’t be able to stop it, either.”

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