Rev Run’s Son JoJo Simmons Caught In The Strip Club After Transsexual Sex Scandal

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I suppose when everyone is running around claiming that you might be gay, you have to do the most to prove that you’re not. This past weekend Rev Run’s son JoJo Simmons was caught in a strip club dancing all up on naked women. Sure the act is common and not in the least bit surprising. However, what a funny coincendence that he would be “caught” in the club after almost have a sex scandal with a transsexual. Personally, I think it was staged and it’s a fight to prove he’s a real man. Look inside for more pics of him in the club.

Apparently, JoJo was out in Houston to help a friend celebrate. The celebration carried over into the strip club. I don’t know if I’m going for it just yet though.

I wonder what his father is saying. What are your thoughts on this situation?

Spotted @TheYBF

5 Comments to “Rev Run’s Son JoJo Simmons Caught In The Strip Club After Transsexual Sex Scandal”

  1. Shante says:

    First off JoJo no straight man “accidently” hits on a transsexual and dont try to be scene at no booty club to prove you aint gay…the proof is in the pudding…Rev come get your son cuz he all the way out there LOL

  2. TONIBOI says:

    yes I do believe he like the tranny or the gay boys but they lame ass hell to put them on blast come on now you aint getting shit out of it putting him on blast he still rich he still aint wanting for nothing while these Tranny girls broke sucking dick for money saleing themselves bruntch of low life for real… Thats why celebrities dont even fuck off with the same sex no life like someo of you all want to tell it

  3. Ted Cyrius says:

    :GASP: Shante’ that was FUCKED UP!!! LOL… Anyways, he gotta stay relevant some how, and I guess that’s by being the (“BAD” Seed). His music thing isn’t poppin off how he wants it too and DIGGY is that NIGGGAAAAAA!!!!!! So take the easy way out and be in the press for negativity. It just works better that way. LOL But I LOVE DAMN STRIP CLUBS, GREATEST ESTABLISHMENT EVER CREATED!!!!!

    The Kid ;)

  4. Andre thompson says:

    I think He really just trying to get some publicity out there cause this is my first time hearing anything For jojo since the cypher

  5. WOW says:


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