Rhi Rhi just don’t know what to do with herself. First she wants Red Hair, then she wants Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Now she done gone back to her black hair. Well hands down no matter what our Rhi Rhi does I know I speak for all the fellas when I say that chick is fine as #$$&@# I wanna blow the icing off myself! According to the UrbanDaily Urban Daily Rihanna is going back to her rock girl roots.

The pop singer recently tweeted pics of herself, sporting a new edgy ‘do. Gone are the peroxide Goldilocks tresses–RiRi’s hair is now jet black and shaven on the side, much like R&B singer Cassie. In her tweet Ri said “Cuz I’m black bitch!”Bleeeeeep! This is a family site (sorry kids)

The pop princess is currently on a world tour to promote her upcoming sci-fi blockbuster, Battleship. RiRi plays weapons specialist Petty Officer Raikes, out to save the world from a hostile alien invasion.
Ri talks to Entertainment Tonight about her role but let’s check out some behind the scenes with youtube. This movie is set to release in May.

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