Rick Ross is putting a positive spin on his lost endorsement with Reebok.

The biggest boss told MTV News that losing his endorsement deal with Reebok was a “learning situation,” for himself and specifically something that young rappers should take pay attention to. Rick Ross tells MTV that he’s not in a position to lose financially but some younger rappers could really hurt themselves if they make the same mistake. He says.

It’s important for him that the “little homeys” learn from his mistake“.

Rick Ross has no hard feelings with Reebok and claims that he and the brand share a very “healthy situation“. How can one be in a healthy place with a boss that fired him? Back in April, Reebok dropped their endorsement deal with the Maybach Music Group “Boss,” after a firestorm of controversy surrounding lyrics that seemed to condone date rape on Rocko’s track “U.O.E.N.O.”

But I guess when you are the biggest boss that we have seen thus far that things like getting fired don’t mean a thing. I mean Rick Ross has so much money that maybe H.E.N.O he got fired from Reebok. LOL, these are jokes!

We are glad that Rick Ross is being open and honest with rappers who look up to him. A true boss indeed!

What do you think about Rick Ross thoughts on his lost opportunity with Reebok?

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