Let’s take a moment of silence to thank God for lace front glue and/or tape. At a recent concert in Detroit, pop singer Rihanna almost got her famous red wig snatched off, not once, but TWICE! On both occasions she was just simply making her way through the crowd to show fans some love. Too bad some “fans” didn’t have the same intentions and were caught on camera trying to snatch off Riri’s wig. While some kind hearted person out here would venture to say, “Oh the fans were just trying to touch her” I wouldn’t agree with this statement at all! It clearly looks as if they were aiming to snatch the singer’s wig off and bring her some embarrassment. We all know that Rihanna has endorsements stacked on top of each other so these fans didn’t catch her slipping! They pulled the wig but it went no where! Good money will keep your lace front wig on. Take notes ladies! Catch the video below:

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