Robert Wright has worked in the cigar industry for over 30 plus years. He’s worked for such companies as Swisher Int’l, Inter Continental Cigar Co., Camacho and Davidoff, just to name a few. They are highly respected in the industry and known for producing top of the line products. The incomparable Robert Wright owner and creator of the Pure Soul Cigars shared with us his history. He explained numerous visits to various farms, and cigar factories in Honduras, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Through his many experiences and wisdom purasoul was born.

Mr Wrights many many talents and passions is music. He’s been playing saxophones for over 40 years. The  blend of jazz and a good cigar is magical.  With a multitude of different flavors one just has to pick one and enjoy! Listen to our exclusive interview !

Check out pics from the event ! 



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