Robin Thicke can’t win for losing.

His wife Paula left him and he suffered a major loss in his life. He does have a new(er) chick, April, but he’s still embroiled in a bitter custody battle with his ex. Now, he’s battling with the internets over something so petty (but so nasty).

Listen, we all love our pets, but its ok to do bathime solo. Your cat or dog or snack or whoever will most definitely be there when you finish washing your parts. So why would one feel the need to bathe WITH their pets? Let’s ask Mr. Thicke, shall we?

The singer posted pics to Instagram to show what happened when his and April dog jumped into the bathtub with them while they were doing whatever they were doing. Instead of IMMEDIATELY getting the dog out and just starting over with that bath water, they each took turns snapping flicks of the impromptu bathtime playtime:

As you could guess, the internets are having a field day, even three days after this was initially posted. Folks aint having it, and Robin’s not taking anything down:


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