Kim Kardashian can’t catch a break. Everybody is coming for the mommy to be. Robin Williams made a little jokey joke at Kim’s unfortunate dress expense.

Check it out!


What was Kim and Kanye thinking about when they got our girl ready for the Met Gala on May 6, 2013.? We reported fashions from the fashionable event and Kim looked a HAM… disrespect.


The floral gown looked more like a tacky sofa you might find in an old lady’s house. Why does she need gloves in Spring time? Seem like BABY WEST has taken all of Kim K’s pretty girl swagg.



Kim could have done so much better than this. We are so disappointed in their choice of formal dress. Kim is too pretty for such a dumpy dumpy dress; but we digress.


Just when we thought the jokes were dying down Robin Williams decides to come out swinging last night. Do you all remember Robin Williams’ alter ego Mrs. Doubtfire from the 1990’s? Well Mr. Williams thought he rocked the floral high fashion dress better in the 90’s.



DIED AND GOES TO HELL because we are laughing at KIM with Mr. WILLIAMS!!!!!! 

Robin Williams is so wrong for adding Mrs. Doubtfire to the equation. Poor Kim!

So what do you think about the fat pregnant jokes?

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Story via: Madame Noire.

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