Solange Knowles is a trending topic thanks to the video showcasing the beat down she gave to her brother-in-law Jay Z. The video that went viral shows a very angry Solange, a stunned Jay Z, an overwhelmed security guard, and a very nonchalant Beyonce.

What happened to cause Solange to lose her mind? Check out the details below.

Word on the street is that Jay Z has been cheating on Beyonce for several years and her sister Solange have had enough of his disrespect. Maybe this explains why Beyonce seemed so unmoved by the fight. Maybe this explains why Beyonce left the party with Solange.

Could there be trouble in paradise?

Are the streets just talking and trying to explain the out of character behavior of Solange Knowles?

What do you think?

The homies Gary With Da Tea and the Atlanta Dish Nation Team got together to discuss their thoughts on the matter. chime in with their speculations. Check it out below.

Check out what our team had to say via the YouTube link below and also be sure to tell your readers to check local listings for where to watch Dish Nation.

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