While the nation anxiously awaits the verdict in Ferguson for the killing of Michael Brown, two Atlanta men finished up a 550 mile run from Atlanta to the Michael Brown Memorial in Ferguson, Missouri
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Londrelle Hall and Ray Mills ran 550 miles from Atlanta, Georgia to Ferguson, Missouri. They started on November 3rd and arrived on the afternoon of November 21st.

Their main mission was to raise awareness:

“The Mike Brown incident happened and I had a reason to run for not just my problems, but the problems of the world. I came to Ray with the idea of running to Ferguson to raise awareness of what’s going on here, and he was behind it 100 percent. In our society we get complacent and things come and go, like Trayvon…and Mike Brown, so I wanted to do something that was meaningful and kept an eye on Ferguson.” Hall told ThinkProgressive.

The two trained for a month before leaving Atlanta. Upon arrival, they were overwhelmed at the sight of Brown’s memorial, replete with flowers, candles, and teddy bears.

Check out video from their triumphant arrival.

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