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Shereé Whitfield Not Happy With ‘Fix My Life’

The Jasmine Brand

First it was DMX who was left unhappy and unfixed after appearing on the OWN hit series Iyanla: Fix My Life, hosted by expert life coach Iyanla Vanzant. Now ex-RHOA cast member Shereé Whitfield voices her disapproval about her experience on the show.

Lawd, our home girl Shereé can’t seem to catch a BREAK!

The Jasmine Brand

Last weekend, Whitfield and her ex-husband, former Atlanta Falcons football player Bob Whitfield, appeared on the hit show in an attempt to learn how to effectively co-parent their two children. Basically, they’re trying to figure out how to be adults and not fight all the time when it comes the kids. With all the back and forth and “he said, she said” that took place, it was hard to say that the Whitfields came to any kind of agreement or understanding.

But Ms. Shereé felt like she was made out to be the bad guy. She recently released a statement, saying she felt ‘mislead’ by the whole ordeal:

“I thought it was an opportunity to inspire single parents in our situation.  However, once shooting began I felt misled because the line of questioning was  centered more on accusations of my shortcomings as a wife versus how we can  begin to resolve our issues…Although I was caught off guard by what felt like a  very one-sided and judgmental approach to therapy, what I did take away from  this experience is that I must continue to take responsibility for doing the  work to be a better person. I am completely committed to making sure that I am a  positive and healthy mother for my children and being a role model for the young  women that I mentor.”

Get your life, girl.

Mentor, really?

And just who are these young girls that you a role model to? We’ll wait.

Iyanla Vanzant has yet to respond to the statement, and she doesn’t have to. She did her “work!” Shereé is still trying to do hers!

Did you catch the latest episode of Fix My Life?

What did you think?

Was Shereé wrong?

Let us know!

via: The Jasmine Brand.

Story by: Miss. Jaye

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