If you haven’t heard of Sophia Grace and Rosie the Hype Girl, you truly have been sleeping alone with Wilson on a deserted island.

Sophia Grace Brownlee is an 8-year-old YouTube sensation and Rosie is her 5-year-old cousin.

The two British girls became a YouTube hit by Sophia Grace belting out the lyrics of her favorite artists’ song, “Super Bass,” by Nicki Minaj.  They genuinely love the platinum-selling recording artist.  When you hear Sophia rapping the lyrics to “Super Bass,” you may be confuzzled as to who really owns this song because this little girl doesn’t miss a beat or syllable.

Now, her cousin, Rosie, stands beside her while she performs because as Sophia mentioned on The Ellen Show, “Rosie makes me feel more confident.” But when you see Sophia Grace, you’re going to see that her confidence is out of this world. When you see the word ‘confident’ in the dictionary, her face will appear. Check the inside for their performance.

Rosie the Hype Girl, as she is now known, is the opposite of her cousin, Sophia Grace.  She is more laid back; however, she is still the hype girl.  Rosie acts out the moves that relate to the lyrics of  “Super Bass” by acting like she’s beating a drum when it’s time to say the lyrics, “Can’t you hear that boom, boombadoom, boom, boombadoom, boom, baby…”

When I first saw the YouTube video of Sophia Grace and Rosie on WorldStarHipHop, I’m sure I added 20 views to their now over 32 million views of their “Super Bass” at-home performance. These two girls are infectiously funny, adorable, social butterflies.

After several million hits on YouTube, Ellen DeGeneres flew Sophia Grace, Rosie, and their parents to LA, where The Ellen Show is filmed.  Not only did she and Rosie perform “Super Bass,” but they also met Nicki Minaj.

As any little girl would be when meeting their favorite celebrity, Sophia Grace and Rosie were super-duper excited; Sophia being more excited than Rosie.  Their parents were in the audience crying tears of joy, and the audience was just as excited for the duo.  Nicki came from behind the doors and surprised the two girls with hugs and kisses.  You can even hear Sophia Grace saying, “You’re real! You’re real!”

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Well, that meeting was over three weeks ago.  Today, the “Nicki Minaj Girls,” were back on The Ellen Show.  What I want to know is: What is the total cost, thus far, that Ellen has spent on flying these girls and their parents, to and from England to Los Angeles? I’m sure Ellen’s camp has paid for all the air fare, food, lodging.  Oh, my bad.  Annnnnyway, Sophia Grace and Rosie came with more energy than the first visit, well, at least Sophia did.  Rosie the Hype Girl, often times, seemed dazed and in la-la land, but that’s just Rosie and nobody betta’ not say anything bad about her. If she seemed a little Ambien’ish, well, that’s just fine because her presence makes Sophia Grace feel more confident when performing.

The first time Ellen invited Sophia Grace and Rosie to her show, Nicki Minaj surprised them in front of a live audience.  Today’s surprise from Ellen were two pink leotard-type, fluffy dresses that were bedazzled with Ellen’s name on the front of the chest area and two VIP press passes for the girls to be red-carpet correspondents to represent The Ellen Show at the 2011 American Music Awards.  They’ll have the opportunity to interview celebs such as: their old friend, Nicki Minaj, Justin Beiber, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and so many more platinum-selling recording artists.

You know what this means, right? 8-year old Sophia Grace and 5-year old Rosie will be traveling from England back to America for a third time to attend the AMAs.  How’s that for jetsetters?

I don’t know about you, but when I was their ages, I was traveling to school, back home, back to school, back home — well, you get the point.

Again, if you don’t know about Sophia Grace and Rosie the Hype Girl, I highly suggest that you get familiar.

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