The rumor mill is saying that the beautiful Stacey Dash has been kicked off of the hit show Single Ladies. I hope that’s it simply a rumor because the show is a favorite of mine as well as several of my female friends. Supposedly, executive producer Queen Latifah had Stacey fired because she had too much attitude. By too much attitude we mean, Stacey beefed with different members of the cast, cancelled promos for the show, and even got into a fight with co-star Lisa Raye. As I said before, this is simply a rumor for now. However, nobody has come forward and denyed any of this so I’m leaning towards this being the truth. Plus, I heard that they are looking for a replacement for Stacey in the next season already. I hope this is all a rumor because Stacey does a great job portraying the sweet and sassy Val on Single Ladies. How true do you think this?

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