If you recall, hours before she died of a drug overdose in 2012, Whitney Houston and Stacy Francis got into a fight over Ray J.

Until now Francis hadn’t spoken about the incident and quite frankly most of the public has moved on and pretty much forgotten about it. But it appears that Francis hasn’t and is now telling the world what’s on her mind via a blog post at The Huffington Post:

“In 2012 I had an awkward run-in with the voice and diva Whitney Houston. As most of the world already knows! Now what the world was not aware of at the time was the fact that I had been singing all my life and Whitney was my idol. I have talked about this situation in the media. And on television. And I have been attacked for addressing it. I have been accused of using this awful situation to get attention. But let’s talk straight here. Who wants this kind of attention?! I mean seriously. Who wants to be known for having a fight with an idol? And who in the world wants to be trending on twitter about it? Not me!” she explained.

The “X Factor” finalist continued:

“I am not writing this piece to talk about details of that night. Too many times it has been spoken about and it has been misunderstood. And there are many lies that have been told about it. People starve for drama. They starve of the sensationalism that the media can happily sell them.”

The singer added: “My life was ruined. I felt like a big piece of me had also died. No one wanted to work with me.”

She then went on to explain what started the fight:

“Ray J was Whitney’s boyfriend at the time of her death. He was at the club that night and when Whitney saw us talking she became enraged. She didn’t understand our relationship. I had known Ray for over 20 years. And he was like family to me. He kept saying ‘she is family…she is family…it’s ok’. But Whitney wouldn’t hear of it.”

Francis recalled what happened when she recently ran into Ray J and received a revelation:

“When the media went crazy on me I was so heartbroken that Ray never spoke up for me. I just couldn’t understand why he would not say something to protect me. When I saw Ray in the house. I asked him this. But I had to make a decision. Would I approach him in anger or in love? I chose love. And I have to tell you he broke my heart when he looked at me and said, ‘No Stacy it was not your fault at all. It was my fault.’”

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