Steve Harvey and Susan L. Taylor Host Box Tops for Education Town Hall Meeting With Monica, Tisha Campbell Martin, Chilli, Marjorie Bridges

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 Last night I got the opportunity to attend General Mills’ Town Hall discussion. General Mills’ Box Tops for Education program is encouraging parents, families and community members nationwide to take a more active role in supporting the future of our nation’s youth by participating in a Town Hall discussion focused on education.

The event was hosted by personality and my mentor in my head Steve Harvey and co-moderated by Essence magazine Susan L. Taylor. The Box Tops for Education Town Hall took place in Atlanta, at Morehouse College, one of the nation’s most distinguished historically black colleges and universities. Its not better than CAU but still a good school… LOL

The Box Tops for Education Town Hall united parents, teachers, and community leaders in an effort to make a real impact on education in our nation’s school systems.

Panelists include: Dr. Jacquelyn Jackson Fleming, president of LifeLearn Associates; Dr. Beverly D. Tatum, Spelman College President;

Tommy Hillman, Box Tops for Education brand manager;

Tisha Campbell-Martin, star from television series Martin and My Wife and Kids and Monica were in the building. Monica and Brandy stopped by Power 105.1fm’s Breakfast Club earlier this week to do some promo for their new single ‘It All Belongs To Me’ and getting ready for a new tour. Mo and Brandy Will be in the ATL for a big concert next week for V-103…

Chilli from five-time Grammy Award winning girl group TLC was in the building. Make sure yall support my girl and her bag line( BagsByChilli ) . Chilli is currently working on a Vh1 movie, about her life and the TLC group…

 Chilli is still looking for a good man to hold her up…

The Box Tops for Education Town Hall comes as a result of school districts all over the country facing severe financial shortages, causing both students and teachers to work in conditions far below national standards.

“I have great confidence that this Town Hall event will provide a compelling conversation on the importance of a strong primary education and the impact that it has on a student’s educational course,” says Tommy Hillman, brand manager, Box Tops for Education. “I am proud to be a part of something as transformative as this.”

For many schools, a program like Box Tops for Education can truly make an impact. To date, America’s schools have earned more than $445 million through Box Tops for Education, with more than $67 million in 2011.

Steve’s lovely wife Marjorie Bridges Harvey came out to support the cause,– making sure parents did all they could to help local schools by getting the word out. The three mothers above want you to take action with these 4 simple steps:

1. Encourage your school to register in Box Tops for Education.


Schools can earn up to $20,000 a year from the Box Tops for Education program – don’t leave any money on the table this school year that could help fund resources for your child’s education.


2. Box Tops can make a difference for your whole community. Rally your friends and family to get involved. Whether they have
children in school or not, they can make a difference.
3. Become a Box Tops Coordinator. Coordinators directly impact the success of any Box Tops for Education program by communicating the program’s benefits and process to families and staff, collecting the box tops and sending them in to be redeemed for cash.


4. Utilize your grocery list to earn cash for your child’s school. Simply buy the products; clip the coupons; send the coupons to school and earn cash for the things your schools needs.


Many participating brands such as Honey Nut Cheerios® cereal, Hamburger Helper® skillet meals and Cinnamon Toast Crunch® cereal are already household favorites.

“We all have a responsibility to play a part in providing what our children need to live healthy and prosperous lives. As a mother it gives me great satisfaction to know Box Tops provides parents with a meaningful way to make a difference in their child’s education,” says Grammy Award Winner, Monica.

About Box Tops for Education

The Box Tops for Education program offers parents easy, everyday ways to earn cash for their school. The program began in 1996, as more and more schools struggled to make ends meet. Each year enrolled schools receive a program kit to help them build their own comprehensive fundraising campaign. Most schools designate a program coordinator to develop ways to encourage parents, school staff and community members to clip Box Tops from participating products and bring them to school.

After the collected Box Tops are sent in to General Mills, the school receives a check, equivalent to 10 cents for every Box Top redeemed to spend on anything they choose. Schools have used the cash from Box Tops for Education to purchase items such as computers and computer software, library books, art supplies and playground equipment. Support our kids’ schools today at .

Here all the photos…

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8 Comments to “Steve Harvey and Susan L. Taylor Host Box Tops for Education Town Hall Meeting With Monica, Tisha Campbell Martin, Chilli, Marjorie Bridges”

  1. Leslie Mandanan says:

    Chilli’s son looks like he likes to play in booty holes and/or likes guys playing in his booty hole. Monica looking at Chilli like “bitch please, that’s why you can’t find a man now.”

  2. sandy says:

    First I would like to say I love what General Mills Box Tops for kids Education is/has been doing for the kids becuase they are our future and this is a great way for anyone to get involved the money is out there.its nothing to clip box tops for your childs the necessities.they need. LOVE IT. Happy to see Chilli, Monica, Ticha, and others on the the panel supporting this event.

    @leslie i find people like you to have this disease thats spending really fast its called NPS (Negative People Syndrome) the worst disease known to.mankind your life must really suck.when u see a.positive post but talk mess about someone kid who you don’t know personally or a.picture with Mo.and Chilli who have known each other for years years but you has to find something negative to say again the NPS disease
    You know what i see in those pictures. I see a motjer who loves her son and a respectable young man who she is raising. And the picture with Monica and Chilli two old.friends messing around that is it. Smh

  3. sandy says:

    I.meant mother excuse my grammatical errors typing to fast. Anyway i usually don’t feed into negative post when but it really bothers me when people talk about someone kids or others as if they know them into something that isn’t there. Smh okay wasted enough energy on this matter.At Leslie Do yourself a.favor go meditate and release.some of your demons maybe you then will be in some positive :

  4. APRIL says:

    @Leslie, grow up! You need to get those evil spirits out of you. It’s really sad when a person really thinks it okay to make derogatory remarks about a kid. Just sad.

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