My girl Mimi Faust and the homie Nikko have everybody talking about their infamous sex tape. Steve Harvey  decided to thrown his thoughts into the hat about the sex tape while giving sound advice to women specifically single mothers.

Check out it below.
The big homie Steve Harvey does not support the sex tape that stars Mimi Faust. He tells his listening audience that women must be careful when it comes to their image and their brand. Thanks to the internet people gotta be careful of what they share with the world. He urges his listening audience to make better decisions because things you do today can haunt you forever.

Steve Harvey shares that a single mother must put their children first and that doing things like leaking sex tapes is not a good look for a mother. Steve Harvey goes on to say that GOD did not want women and mother’s to exploit themselves in such a way that includes doing something strange for a piece of change.

Check out what he has to say below.

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