Stevie J Hosts Viewing Party for VH1 Love and Hip Hop Premier at the Havana Club – In Atlanta

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Steviej-1Hitman Stevie J hosts his VH1 Season Premier Viewing party at the Havana Club in Buckhead. Looks like Stevie J is still taking applications for all Bus Riders as there were plenty of passengers in the building. No Joseline and no Mimi “the Maid” j/k Mimi …at the party, so you know Stevie J was turnt UP as usual. You were able to see a live u-stream of the party from Stevie J’s pheed account and his videographer filmed in real time from UstreamShould out to JBuddMedia making it happen! Do you want to see the string of women waiting in line to ride Stevie J’s Bus???Do you want to see the string of women waiting in line to ride Stevie J’s Bus???


Well the new season has started and it seams these SAME two people are still on the bus except the bus has turned into Stevie J’ house. Well you saw the first episode. I’m going to post some scenes from it below. But meanwhile on the ranch Stevie J was out celebrating the second season and seems like the bus line is going to get longer.

stevieJ-partyPotential new Bus Riders at the Premier Party “Havana Club”

steviej-6Who will be the lucky chick? I think there are several seats on the bus for everyone


Oh No Nefertiti! Not you too?? Oh wait Brea is with her so they are probably looking for new dancers. Whew! You scared me for a minute there.

stevie7Yeah she’s cute. A little young but cute!

steviej-5Oops! #Staff – Stevie J’s business partner maybe a potential passenger. Wait! Is she out recruiting for Stevie J? Cheryl! Tisk Tisk Tisk!

sadlook cutie

Why the sad look lady? StevieJ-4Stevie J is loving those Cuban Cigars

stevie3Ooh LaLa… Is that Ms Joseline? Nope! Not enough curves

allABOARDAll Aboard..the Bus is Departing in 5 min

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