In anticipation of the 30th annual Sting Concert taking place in Portmore, Jamaica on Dec. 26, Supreme Promotions and Downsound Records in association with All Oceans Interactive Media (AOIM) held a press conference on Nov 19 at the chic nightclub The Griffin in the Meatpacking District of New York City. The beautiful K. Fox of 103.5 Miami and Melky Jean hosted the press event, providing the remarkable history of Sting to members of the media. Hot 97’s own Bobby Konders delighted the crowd with the DJ sounds of Massive B and DJ Fugi Slim, while actresses Sidra Smith, Felicia Pearson and Kiki Haynes, reggae artist Kiprich, and members of the New York Giants were also in attendance.

Guest speaker and actress Kiki Haynes of Tyler Perry’s ‘For Better or Worse’ read key points of Sting’s 30 years history along with the promotion’s plans for this year’s monumental event. After the press conference Sting’s founder Isaiah Liang addressed members of the media and further emphasized his commitment to authentic and cultured entertainment.

Sting, the greatest one night reggae and dancehall show on earth, will feature a stunning array of musical talent, including 2 Chainz, Super Cat, Romain Virgo and Lady Saw. Sting 30 will be broadcast live on PPV and streamed via the internet. For the first time in its 30-year history, Sting will reach fans across eight different countries through PPV and/or streaming. This opportunity allows an international audience that includes Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Jamaica, and other regions of the Caribbean to experience a live event filled with culture and authentic entertainment. Along with this year’s historic distribution coverage, Sting has developed a documentary on its history. The trailer for the Sting film is slated for release in December during the concert. Memorabilia and a collector’s edition Sting magazine will be available to concert attendees.


While the 2012 Sting concert drew 20,000 fans live, Mr. Laing and promotional partners Supreme Promotion, Downsound Records, and AOIM, have raised the ante for 2013. They are promoting Sting’s 30th anniversary via a vast Internet and Social Media campaign, along with over 200 commercials running across 2,000 television stations for a total of 400,000 TV commercials. According to AOIM, that high-impact multi-media combo targets more than 350 million viewers.

In the digital space, Sting 30 seeks to dramatically expand the concert’s audience by partnering with Youtube, MDTV, World Star Hip-hop, MOBO 18, J-MELO, Hype TV, Jive TV, and RJR Communications. Radio. Print and television partners include CBS Radio, Irie Jam, Sirius XM, The Gleaner, The Jamaican Observer, MDTV, Comcast, ABC, and NBC. To better engage this year’s audience, Sting will provide pay-per-view live streaming and social media interaction. Fans will have online access to vote for their favorite performers; capability of 4 to 9 cameras to view the action; and the ability to express their opinions live as the music happens.


For the past 30 years STING has broadcast the pulse of Jamaica while linking corporate Jamaica and the U.S. for music. Over the past three decades STING has featured many notable artists, such as Biggie Smalls, DMX, Kris Kross, Busta Rhymes, Foxy Brown, and The Fat Boyz.

Downsound Records CEO Josef Bogdanovich believes it is:

“my mission personally to uplift reggae/dancehall music and the country of Jamaica in general. Out of one many people.” Isaiah Laing is proud of Sting’s accomplishments and of its importance to dancehall music .

Isaiah Laing stated,

“30 years and counting, STING is still stinging. STING is the people’s premier dancehall and reggae show that we all have to contend with for many years to come.”

“Bring the Sting” will be broadcast live on PPV on cable and satellite in North America. The event will be in High Definition and will be distributed live on Pay-Per-View by MultiVision Media, Inc. on Saturday, December 26 at 12 midnight ET/9:00 PM PT. The suggested retail price of the four-hour broadcast will be $29.95. The price for the eight-hour streaming internet broadcast is $39.95 (early bird pricing $34.95).


Bring the Sting’s official website is www.bringthesting.com.  Stay in touch with Sting through social media at the following links:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/bringthestingja

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BringtheStingJA

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/bringthestingja

Instagram: http://instagram.com/bringthestingja

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