The big homie Swizz Beatz is attending Harvard Business School and he opened up to Power 105.1 to discuss why he choose to go back to school.
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Producer Swizz Beatz is opening up about why he decided to attend Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Extension Program last month. In an interview with New York’s Power 105.1 radio, Swizz explains that as he’s become more business oriented he felt he wasn’t getting the respect he deserved. He believed his lack of credentials was one reason people didn’t take his business moves seriously. He also says successful people often “get complacent” with their accomplishments, but he wasn’t comfortable with taking that road. He adds that he believes “you have to keep graduating your brand” to be continually successful.

Swizz Beatz shares with The Breakfast Club that he decided to have the whole collegiate experience. He discussed living in a dorm and actually embracing the college life. He ended the interview with,

Just because you rich don’t make you smart!

That is some realness. Would you go back to school if you were wealthy?
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