Rapper T.I. is firing back at all the blogs and websites that had something to say about his doings at The Compound club Saturday night. The King said that people are “blowing this all out of proportion about Compound, Saturday night”. In so many words, if you exaggerated the ordeal that went down Saturday night, T.I. thinks you “need to stop!”.

T.I. let it be known that everything is all good and even addressed Diddy as his brother. He went on further to say that he and Diddy have always been cool and noted Diddy as one of the first (with that much success) to recognize him and his talent.

At the end of the day, T.I.’s may point was to let fans and naysayers know that there is nothing but respect between him and Diddy and that they were simply having dialogue. That’s how you handle the situation in an adult manner if you ask me!

What are your thoughts on this T.I. interview? Would you agree with T.I. about people blowing things out of proportion?

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