T.I., who recently was released from prison, found himself being a mediator last night at Club Compound in Atlanta, Georgia due to beef between P. Diddy and Kenny Burns. What was the beef about you ask? Obviously Diddy had a problem with seeing Kenny Burns drinking a liquor other than his brand Ciroc…..and now reports are saying that shots were fired after the club. When will this foolishness end?

Being the newly reformed man, T.I. hopped on the mic to exchange a few words to Diddy who apparently started the arguement. Diddy was hosting the B.E.T’s 2011 Hip Hop Awards after party at Club Compound and many were in attendance to see the drama unfold.

Diddy started cursing everybody out who he saw that were not drinking Ciroc which caused T.I. to tell Diddy that he had too much money to be engaging in petty b.s. and that those fellas had the right to drink WHATEVER vodka they wanted because they paid for it! He made Diddy look like a fool when he was quoted saying, “They’re not getting paid to drink (Ciroc)!”

Interestingly enough, Kenny Burns actually DOES get paid to drink Ciroc’s competiter Grey Goose so Diddy’s rants were dumb. Apparently drinks were thrown and heavy words exchanged but why are grown men arguing about liquor at a club packed with beautiful women?

Stay out of unnecessary drama Tip, we want you to stay home for good. What do you think of this foolishness?

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