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Brandy made a stop to the Wendy Williams Show this week in NYC. She talked about her and Whitney Houston, her new music and of course fashion.  READ MORE


Things got heated Thursday night as The Game and another rapper went to blows at Lil Wayne’s 30th birthday party…. (more inside)



An exclusive interview was released today with my homie over at ItsOnly Entertainment</ and Super Producer “Bangladesh” aka The Hottest Producer in the game right now. Seems every HOT ARTIST in the game wants to be 6′ Foot 7 so they can get that AmilliAmili- Amillionaire Bangladesh Beat that will put them where they need to be #AT-THE-Bank! Check out what Bangladesh aka Shondrae Crawford said about working with Brandy on her 2/11 album :



What’s the vibe like being in the studio with Brandy?

She’s just real into it, intense and still got the passion about the music. She still one of the best vocalist in the game and any veteran star will tell you that.

What’s the sound like on Brandy’s 2/11 album?

The music is new and against the grain. As far as the content, she still the same. You know most females get sexier and they cloths come off and they talking about other stuff. What I appreciate about her is she stays true to herself, she gone do her. If the song is written to sexy she isn’t going to do it. She wants to stay in her lane and the music is on another level. It’s a different sound of r&b, its Bangladesh beats and Brandy’s vocals.

Can you describe the sound of 2/11 in one word?

Refreshing. It’s just refreshing man, if you been listening to music you haven’t got any satisfaction from the music lately. If you a Brandy fan, you gone be satisfied. Its not gone be one joint or two joints, but its gone be a lot of joints on there to rock with that you gone wonder why they not on the radio.

What else can we expect from Bangladesh in 2012?

I worked with Far East Movement, Kesha, I try to do more pop extreme type things. I worked with 2 Chainz, thats like my family. I also worked with Jeremih, E-40 and Kelly Rowland. Actually i’m working on my album. It’s a production based album, I got a lot of features on it. I’m actually putting out a song on Tuesday called “The Opera” with myself, Baby and 2 Chainz.

When that “The Opera” single is released I know my man “Bangladesh” gonna make sure people can say they heard it on first!  Right????