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PIC OF THE DAY: Aretha Franklin What Were You Thinking?


I didn’t  want to do this to Aretha, or should I say “I never want to see her wear this again”. When I think of ArethaFranklin I use to think, tasteful, and classy, but from the looks of the photo “NOT”. But I will say this it seems as though she does have a highself esteem. But hey who am I to judge…

Aretha Franklin Falls & Break 2 Ribs


Aretha Franklin has been forced to cancel two concerts after breaking her ribs in a fall on Sunday. The Respect hitmaker was due to take to the stage for two free gigs in Brooklyn next Monday and Thursday, but the shows have been axed following a freak accident over the weekend. READ MORE

Aretha, What Were You Thinking?


I know everyone on the internet has been going in on poor Aretha Franklin but I can say I have good reason to(she tried to get me fired from a job)…

I really don’t know what the queen of soul was thinking when she decided to buy this new wig? Although she looks a mess I can say she is losing weight!!!! Tell me what you think plus more pics? READ MORE

Come Get Your Daughter, “Aretha The Bear”

Aretha-Franklin3Someone please tell me why yall letAretha The Bear” out of her cave… I know yall like why am I going in on poor Aretha but let me tell yall, if you ever meet her you will do the same… I must say who yall really need to feel sorry for is all of the millions of poor animales that died to make that big A$$ coat… Here are some pics of her singing at the lighting of NYC  X-mas tree last night… Shot out to Dlisted for the Pic’s